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S2 // E12 // Phil Vischer

Author and filmmaker Phil Vischer stopped by the show to visit with Jordan and talk about a variety of topics. Phil has had a significant impact on American culture, specifically with his groundbreaking children’s series, VeggieTales, which has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. During today's episode, Phil discusses the rise and fall of Big Idea Productions, pursuing the ideas God has in store for us and more! You can follow Phil here and find his book on his website


S2 // E11 // Kent Ingle

Dr. Kent Ingle is the President of Southeastern University, in Lakeland, Florida. In the spring of 2017, Dr. Ingle was a featured speaker at our annual Century Leadership Conference. Entitled "Stewardship," Dr. Ingle challenged us to live as leaders who are stewards of the gifts they are given. To find out more about Dr. Ingle, you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


S2 // 010 // Jim Cymbala (CLC17)

Jim Cymbala, the pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle joined us at Century Leadership Conference 2017 and we wanted to share the powerful message he spoke. Pastor Cymbala sat down with Darren Pilcher to discuss the story of Brooklyn Tabernacle, as well as many other characteristics of pastoral leadership. Pastor Cymbala was so gracious to join us and we wanted to share his comments with you.



S2 // 009 // Brady Boyd (CLC17)

This special episode features our friend Brady Boyd, the pastor of New Life Church, in Colorado Springs. Brady was a guest at Century Leadership Conference 2017 and he spoke about the power of being led by the Holy Spirit as we navigate culture and the church.

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S2 // 008 // Greg Surratt (CLC17)

This special episode features Greg Surratt, the pastor of Seacoast Church, in South Carolina. Greg joined us at Century Leadership Conference 2017, and challenged us to a different way of thinking. This week, we wanted to share his keynote with you.

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S2 // 007 // Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg joined the podcast to talk about her journey from Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, to the San Francisco Bay Area. During her conversation with Jordan, Nancy talks about working through change, and adjusting, even if you like change.

She is a founding partner of Teamworx2, a business and leadership consulting firm affiliated with Patrick Lencioni, which provides fast-paced, practical, and compelling sessions to leaders and their teams. Nancy is currently working at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church as the Director of Leadership Development where she is working to create a dynamic and innovative approach to leadership development.

Nancy is the author of Seeing in the DarkLooking for God: An Unexpected Journey through Tattoos, Tofu, & Pronouns and, Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands, Lessons in Non-Linear Leadership.

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S2 // 006 // Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne is the Senior Pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, California. In the nearly 40 years he has been there, the church has grown from 128 to over 11,000 in weekend attendance. North Coast has been honored as one of the ten most influential churches in America for its pioneering efforts in the multi-site movement, sermon-based small groups, and its creative approach to shared leadership. Larry is a renowned author and leader and we were so happy to have him on the show!

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S2 // 005 // Dr. Kent Ingle

Dr. Kent Ingle joins Jordan on the CL podcast to discuss stewardship and knowing when God has called you into leadership. Please note: we experienced some audio difficulties during the recording.




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S2 // 004 // Brady Boyd

Brady Boyd is the Senior Pastor of New Life Church, in Colorado Springs, Co. He has a heart for the people of Colorado Springs and it shows by his leadership. In today's episode, Brady and Jordan were able to catch up during our 2017 Century Leadership Conference. 

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S2 // 003 // Marty Grubbs

Marty Grubbs is the Senior Pastor at Crossings Community Church. Crossings has changed significantly over the past 33 years, growing from a congregation of 145 people to over 6,000 people now actively participating each week.  During Marty's tenure, Crossings has opened a school and Community Clinic. The birth of the first church in Acts 2 continues to drive Marty’s vision for the Church as a place that is with you throughout your entire life–through good times and bad–and totally relevant to daily living.

On today's episode, Marty and Jordan discuss a variety of topics and deep dive into Marty's background in and love for music.


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